Sunday Service –11:15 a.m.

Welcome to Faith Hope and Love Christian Ministries

What to Expect

Attending church for the first time can be an intimidating experience — especially if you don’t know what to expect. Who am I going to see? What traditions am I going to be surprised by? Will I be asked to do something that makes me uncomfortable? We hope you will find that the central feature at Faith Hope and Love is the person of Jesus Christ. We invite you to experience what the gospel means both intellectually and relationally at one of our Sunday worship services. Here, you can engage with others and learn at a pace that is comfortable for you. We hope that through visiting with us, you will experience the hope, love and joy that comes from a community of people who love Jesus.

We hope you feel welcomed. In each service we try to explain what we’re about and how that connects to the big picture. We feel that the most important aspect of each service should be to consider the claims of Jesus — that he is God himself come to restore and reclaim his broken people — and consider how that claim shapes and transforms our lives.

By any sober evaluation, Jesus is the most famous person in history. No one has been more frequently painted, written about, or sung to. No person has affected human history as much as Jesus. But who is Jesus really? You are invited to come and let Jesus speak for himself. Through the teaching of the Bible and the examination of his truth claims, we hope you see that he is truly worthy of our worship.